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Ladarac is a family orientated business and we believe in customer satisfaction we have a wide and advanced range of imported and custom built accessories for your vehicle.

Most people are aware of the physical consequences of a road accident and would never venture out of the driveway without wearing a seatbelt; however, very little thought is given to the dangers of carrying unrestrained cargo in vehicles. In particular, commercial vehicles carrying loads in a "full stop" accident or even sudden deceleration.

The cargo reacts in the same way as an unrestrained person. The goods, be they tools, equipment, weekly shopping or even the family pet, continue the same speed the vehicle was travelling at before the accident, until it is stopped by something solid. From the 5th of May 2006 changes to the Health & Safety in Employment Act defined the work vehicle as a place of work, meaning that comprehensive formal written safety policies are required for businesses that have work vehicles. The concept of Cargo Barriers in vehicles is not a new one and good standard devices capable of enduring heavy loadings are available, however the importance of these guards meeting New Zealand standards is essential. The Ausguard brand complies with both AS/NZS 4034t Standards which means they are design tested in a body shell to comply with safety standards in both New Zealand and Australia.

Van storage units, suitable for all trades, allow for lockable storage on shelving and in bins to prevent tools from not just moving in transit but also protects the driver and passengers in the vehicle should there be a sudden stop. Now the fines and jail terms have been lifted, it's only a matter of time before someone is prosecuted for non-compliance under the new legislation, so it makes sense to contact LADARAC to discuss how to not just tidy and organize your vehicle workspace, but how to make it safe.

We currently fit out vehicles for Electricians, plumbers, Amourguard, Chubb, SPCA, all trades all services, and of course custom design builds.

Why Choose Us?

  • Ladarac has specifically qualified technical skills unique to its field. i.e. bullet proof vans.
  • We have a wide range of products meaning each fit out can be completed in one stop.
  • Modern equipment and supplies to give your vehicle quality and SAFETY that's cost effective as well.

Where to Find Us?

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