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Cargo Barriers

Complying with AS/NZS 4034.1, the Barriers are certified and will meet LTSA and WOF requirements. Due to the new compliance law of side air bag curtains, Ladarac have designed and manufactured barrier's to suit these specific vehicle's so not to interfere.

Bulkheads - Solid Steel barrier with glass window, these are sealed, great for reducing solvents & fumes from entering the cabin area, also reduces the noise level.Polycarbonate and

Polycarbonate Hatch Barriers - These are designed to give the driver clear vision, as well as reducing fumes and noise level, enhances air-conditioning.


Barriers can be fitted behind the driver and passenger seats (front position) or behind rear seats (rear position). The rear seats can be folded down and barrier fitted in front position holding them down, the vehicle can then be resisted as a NA CLASS vehicle.


Integrated shelving, the shelving will suit most popular vans, 4WD's and utilities. This Heavy duty shelving comes with plastic bins and lockable doors that can be requested at time of purchase.




Sliding Drawer units, are custom built to suit your vehicle and your requirements. Come with a lockable front.

Heavy equipment can be rolled out for ease of access, making any lifting easier.

Protects the interior of your vehicle, don't waste time searching for your tools, it's the new meaning of efficiency.



Bullbars & Nudgebars

Airbag compatible heavy duty bars, in Steel or Alloy.  Fitted and wired by certified automotive electrician.






Window Bars - Roof Vents


Why Choose Us?

  • Ladarac has specifically qualified technical skills unique to its field. i.e. bullet proof vans.
  • We have a wide range of products meaning each fit out can be completed in one stop.
  • Modern equipment and supplies to give your vehicle quality and SAFETY that's cost effective as well.

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